Easy side battles the second half, the first 7 minutes 25 seconds, Justin - Jackson assists Eddie Butler Jersey, Bogdanovic third hit a long shot. 8 minutes and 23 seconds, Merson foul on DeRozan shot, give the Raptors a free throw. The first 10 minutes and 27 seconds, Kufu Si handball lost, Myers steals. Raptors repeatedly hit the basket, get 14 free throws, penalty 10 goals Chicago Cubs Jerseys For Sale, free throw percentage hit 71 Pierce Johnson Jersey.43%. Three finished, the Raptors to 79-67 lead. However easy to battles unpredictable changes, the Celtics fired less than 4 minutes 10-0, Harris layup, Tatum outside long shot, 57-39. Tolliver and Owen each vote in the third, the Celtics lead 60-42. At this moment, the Pistons just woke up, use the home advantage to launch counterattack. Smith emergency stop, Tolliver flank one-third, to be Tuolivu layup, the score becomes 57-67. Brown completed the raid 2 + 1, Smith layup, Rosiellop the third vote in the pressure post, the Celtics into the distal with 73-59. Second section back, the first 5 minutes 26 seconds, Joseph mistakes, was Patton steals. 9 minutes and 4 seconds, receiving Stephenson pass, Thaddeus - Young third of the long shot succeeded Sammy Sosa Jersey. 9 minutes and 45 seconds, Oladipo was blown blocked foul defensive, give the Nuggets 2 free throws. Pacers play a smooth match, this section of the team completed a total of eight assists, including Stephenson sent a teammate for five passes. Nuggets soared one-third, the team voted 11 shots this section, but the hit rate was only 27.27%. This section of the Pacers feel quite good, the team shot 65.38% shooting, with the Nuggets more than 52.00%, of which Turner only got 9 points this section. Halftime, the field score is 66-59, the Nuggets lead 7 points.