Lonzo - Ball this season has served as the Lakers' starting point guard, but this season, many times he appeared in the fourth quarter has been placed on the bench. For this issue, Lakers - Wharton, a Lakers coach that has always been focused on nurturing young people, is still very tactful in his interview. "A lot of people did not play in the fourth quarter!" Said Wharton. "And the reporters just pointed out that he did not play in the fourth quarter. Celtic dual-core first war, Owen and Horford combined scored 15 points to help the team 29-21 lead. The second section of the piston flowering continued chasing points, Tatum and Irving third quarter to help "Celtics" still leading 44-37 at the end. Easy side battles Owen and Tatum and then long shot, the Celtics waved a wave of 10-0 attack poor break points Rob Zastryzny Jersey, the end of the section Rodolfo soared in the third, the Celtics end of the three section 73 -59 establish advantage. Stubborn "Zhuang Shen" and Harris lead a wave of 12-0 chase frenzy to help the Pistons in the final 4 minutes before only 75-79 behind Justin Grimm Jersey, Horford and Tatum hit a key third Chicago Cubs Jerseys For Sale, to help the Celtics 91-81 Keep the fruits of victory, the Pistons swallowed six-game losing streak. With only 16 points on Irving's 12-for-42 shooting, the Celtics forced the Pistons to score just 81 points with tough defenses and they also played a five-point overall performance. "We're not just fighting for the last time we lost to the Pistons at home and we're also reacting to yesterday's loss to the Spurs to show our morale." Owen said, "We want to establish our personality for our The team to find a good identity Mike Montgomery Jersey, that is, in the event of failure to quickly reverse the decline.